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Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Neurosurgery In India

Neurosurgery in India has been on the pinnacle of neurosciences researches of world. Treatment24X7 associated Neurosciences Center in India is an advanced neuro–care center. It is equipped with the most modern EEG equipment, neuro-imaging MRI and CT Scan. It has the most advance stroke care team taking care of Hyperacute Stroke with Thrombolytic therapy, balloon angioplasty and Carotid Stenting. The associate hospital has Intra Operative MRI guidance technique. This technology makes the neurosurgery safest as compared to previous times. The stroke ICU and rehabilitation unit aid in fast recovery of the patient. Movement disorder like Parkinsonism etc. are treated with Botox Spinal surgeries, Thrombolytic therapy toxins, deep brain stimulation and Baclofen intrathecal pump is used for Spasticity. Sleep disorders are treated in association with the help of head and neck surgeon, plastic and ENT surgeons. Spinal surgeries such as anterior cervical Microdicectomy and lumbar disc surgeries, spinal fixation for cervical, dorsal and lumbar spines are done with success rate on par with the best in the world. Minimally invasive Endoscopic disc surgeries are performed routinely.