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Medical Facilities

Chin Surgery

Chin Surgery also known as Mentoplasty, is a surgery performed on the chin in order to restructure and re proportion the chin and to give an overall better profile of the face. It is a surgery performed on the bone, by implant or by reduction surgery.

Sometimes, recommended by the surgeons to the patients of nose surgery to get proper facial curve and proportion. It is attained by manipulation of the jaw bone. Chin Surgery requires meticulous skill, sound judgement and a good artistic eye.

Types of Issues

Chin Surgery is a common procedure which brings proper proportion to the facial structure by way of correcting a weak chin due the following issues:

  • Congenital deficiency
  • Age-related bone absorption
  • Facial trauma

Types of Chin Surgeries

Chin Surgery is categorized under into two divisions – chin surgery to increase small chins and chin surgery to reduce protruding chins:

Chin implant surgery: This chin surgery is performed by inserting an implant under the patient’s skin of the chin. The surgeon inserts the implants inside the mouth or under the chin.

Chin reduction surgery:This kind of chin surgery used when a protruding or and excessively large chin is needed to be reduced. It is performed by two methods, direct chin reduction surgery (the doctor makes a submental or intraoral incision and removes the excess bone) and the other method is the sliding genioplasty chin reduction (the surgeon cuts through the jawbone to remove a part of the bone, the bone segment is then moved backward.)

Double chin plastic surgery: This is a different kind of Chin Surgery. It is done to remove excess skin and fatty tissues which causes double chin.

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