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Medical Facilities

Cervical Cancer

Cervical Cancer is the cancer of cervix region in women. The cervix is part of a woman's reproductive system. It's in the pelvis. The cervix is the lower, narrow part of the uterus and connects the uterus with the vagina. Cervical cancer develops in two forms benign and malignant tumors. When cells in the cervix begin to grow abnormally and invading nearby tissues it is called cervical cancer. Benign tumors are not life threatening. Malignant tumors are life threatening as they expand to nearby tissues and spread to other parts of the body.


Symptoms of Cervical Cancer are provided below. But the risk factors that can cause cervical cancer are infection with a virus called HPV (human papillomavirus), multiple sexual relationships, conditions that weaken one’s immune system which also include HIV infection, after having an organ transplantation and Hodgkin's disease, smoking, etc. In the early stages, no symptoms of cervical cancer appear. For diagnosing, it is important to do Pap smear test for screening. In the growing stage or the early stage of tumor, the following symptoms occur.

  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding
    • Bleeding that occurs between regular menstrual periods
    • Bleeding after sexual intercourse, douching, or a pelvic exam
    • Menstrual periods that last longer and are heavier than before
    • Bleeding after going through menopause
  • Increased vaginal discharge
    • Pelvic pain
    • Pain during sex
  • pain on urination
  • blood in the stool or urine


Treatment of Cervical Cancer depends on the stage of cervical cancer. The Pap smear test is the diagnosis procedure for cervical cancer. The doctor looks for abnormal changes in the cells of the cervix through a microscope. The Pap smear test shows the cells as no abnormal cells, abnormal cells of undetermined significance, low risk abnormal cells or high risk abnormal cells. The doctors refer the treatments according to the nature of the cells. The treatments of cervical cancer are surgery, Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy or a combination etc.

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